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I have been in business as a builder for years, I always took lots of pictures of my projects and showed them to new clients. It’s great for them to see what’s possible and it makes it easier for them to see how their home can be transformed.

Clients often asked me over the years if I have a website as they were interested in seeing a few of my previous projects, but I could always just show them the photos on my phone.

So at the end of 2019 I decided it was finally time to get my own site.


I’m good at building houses but not building websites. I’m also very busy and my work days often don’t finish before 10pm, so I asked Julie if she could set up a site for me.

Did you go for WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

She gave me the option to build the website in WordPress.com or WordPress.org. I didn’t mind as long as my site could be found in Google and potential clients could browse through a portfolio of some of my previous projects.

She said that’s no problem with either platform as they both do well in regards to SEO. She also mentioned that I should try to get a few testimonials for the website. Then she said something which made the crucial difference for me: If we build the site in WordPress.com I will not have to deal with software maintenance, backups or security updates.

She was right, I often work 14h+ days and won’t have time to look anything like that – so WordPress.com for my small business website is the one for me!

What’s the website doing for your business?

Most of the content was only added this summer so I know it’ll take a while to move up in Google, but it’s a fantastic tool for potential clients.

I have added the website to my business card. When I meet people for a first consultation I leave my card with them and ask them to have a look at my portfolio in their own time after the meeting.

I have only added a few projects so far, but I’m adding more every couple of weeks and I got some great feedback and even new business out of it. So yes, it’s working well for me.

What have you learnt from the time managing your website?

I think often people who don’t really know anything about small business websites – like me and many others in the building trade. We would like to have a website to support our business, but don’t even know where to start. I see ads to ‘get your own website’ but it looks like a standard package and nobody is there to discuss with me what I really need. It can be very confusing so it’s easy to put it on the long finger and do it later.

I was glad I could speak to Julie about what kind of website I would like and get her feedback on what will be the best option for me longterm. I didn’t want to spend a five figure amount on a website with expensive maintenance contracts, I just wanted a simple website to show off my work – and that’s what I got now, thanks!

It looks professional and it can really help potential clients to make a buying decision. Especially when it’s a great commitment like a house extension, renovation or attic conversion. People like to know what you’ve done in the past and what previous clients think about your work – the website does that for me perfectly.

Any advice for somebody who is just starting out?

I think if you’re busy like me and don’t want to spend too much time on your website, give Julie a call, she’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. She can also do some of the work for you. She is much quicker than I would ever be doing it myself.

If you’re computer savvy I’m sure it’s not that difficult to do it yourself, I’ve seen her doing some work for me and it looks straightforward enough. But I have to prioritise as my days are very long already and getting her to create a portfolio for me here and there, is well worth it.

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