Would you like to start a blog or building a niche website, and want to get into niche blogging?

Would you like to learn more about WordPress, SEO and keyword research?

Then you’ve come to the right place, this ‘How to start a blog‘ tutorial series can get you there step-by-step without the need of a developer or a web agency.


Building a niche website is a fantastic way to make money online even with a brand-new blog. Get the basics right with robust hosting and a fast loading WP theme. Learn how to keep your site safe and hackers out and do proper keyword research.

I’ve got a whole mini-series on keyword planning (just click the filter ‘WordPress SEO’ below) as it’s tremendously important if you want to get your website indexed on page 1 in Google – and who doesn’t want that? The secret is carefully chosen longtail keywords to give your blog that kickstart it needs to rise from the crowd to page 1 in Google.

I’ve been teaching WordPress in Ireland for over 10 years and I’m very excited to share my knowledge with you.

How to start a blog – hosting, WP themes, maintenance and keyword research tutorials

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