How to create Rich Pins with Rank Math in 5 minutes tutorial

How to create Pinterest Rich Pins with Rank Math – in 5 minutes

I’m sure you’ve heard of Rich Pins on Pinterest, you probably have come across some pins which display much more information about their connected website than others – that’s the look of Rich Pins. 

And I’m sure you searched for how to create Pinterest Rich Pins with Rank Math – that’s probably how you got here. You probably found lots of different and some confusing instructions but I’ve got some good news for you: it’s super easy and it’ll take less than 5 minutes!

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What are the benefits of Rich Pins? 

Rich Pins let your content stand out, as mentioned above and you have probably noticed them already. It displays a bold title in the feed and gives readers extra information about the attached website above and below the image on closeup.

Most (yes not all, more to that below) Rich Pins update automatically! How cool is that? They are an organic pin, which means when you make a change to the post on your website it will update automatically the pin associated to that page.

Rich Pins are branded. They display your logo and website, which gives your account more brand awareness. Readers who see the same brand multiple times will start to recognise and trust you more. 

There are three different types of pins, you can choose which one suits your website best. 

What’s a Product Rich Pin?

Product Rich Pins – great for any e-commerce website as they display product information and have the ability to show up-to-date pricing and availability. If you are in the US or the UK you have to be on the list of approved merchants with Pinterest, you can apply here for it and read about all its other benefits

Once you have been accepted your rich pins are synchronised with your website and any changes you make to your post will update automatically with your rich pins. I think that is a fabulous feature for anybody who sells products on their website as it keeps your followers up-to-date – really cool! And it’s free too!

What’s a Recipe Rich Pin?

Recipe Rich Pins – obviously for anybody who shares recipes. I find the greatest feature of a Recipe Rich Pin is that it displays a list of ingredients below the title and description. You can also show reviews, cooking time, diet preference and serving size.

Most recipe blogs use Rich Pins already as I think they realised quickly how much easier it makes their reader’s life. As followers can quickly see whether they have the ingredients or if they are easily available, they can quickly make a decision to save the recipe or not. If you make a change to your recipe the pin will update automatically too.

What’s an Article Rich Pin?

Article Rich Pins – for any other blogger who does not have a shop or shares recipes, the good old blogger who writes posts to inform, educate and entertain their readers – like me.

This Rich Pin is not as fancy but it will display your title bold in the feed and then displays the title, description and author’s name next to the pin on closeup. Not as cool as a product or recipe pin, but it still gives your follower a better idea what your post is all about and whether it’s worth clicking through.

As this pin is synchronised with your blog too it’ll also display any changes you make to the post’s title or description. 

Difference between SEO plugin Yoast and Rank Math

There are loads of instructions on the web how to enable Rich Pins with Yoast, which is a very popular WordPress SEO plugin. However, it’s not the only one, another really cool SEO plugin is Rank Math.

I have used and taught a lot of WordPress course using the SEO plugin Yoast, I have met a few Yoast engineers over the years at WordCamps too and I certainly think it’s one of the best SEO plugins out there. I like their product, I like their team and the support they offer their clients, and it’s a great and very useful addition to any WordPress blog.

However, there is another world-class SEO plugin which is called Rank Math. Both plugins are quite similar to each other and I like them both, however personally I prefer Rank Math currently over Yoast. I have a PRO membership with them and use Rank Math on a couple of websites, I find it a really interesting ‘toy’ and it’s good fun. 

Sorry, of course, it’s not a toy and SEO is really important in the online world, but still, it can be fun too.

I like how intuitive their plugin is, especially their sidebar for each post your write. It analyses your post and gives you a ranking, then it gives you different suggestions on how to make your post better.

It gives you all the little reminders such as whether your keyword is included in your header, how often it shows up in your content, what kind of links you use, but also information about content readability etc. It’s just easy to use, good fun and teaches you subconsciously how to improve your SEO while writing great posts for your readers. 

Rank Math also includes the following:

  • Advanced Google Analytics Integration
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Google Trends Integration
  • The Most Advanced Schema Generator 
  • Automated Schema Implementation
  • News/Video/Image/Local and WooCommerce Sitemap and SEO
  • Track top 5 winning & losing posts and keywords
  • Check Ranking Keywords for each post and position history and lost more

Create Pinterest Rich Pins with Rank Math in 3 steps

Now let’s get back to Pinterest Rich Pins and how to get them set up when using the plugin Rank Math on your site. 

  1. Please login to your Pinterest account, go to ‘Claim’ (on the left-hand side under ‘Settings’) enter your domain name and click ‘Claim’.

In the pop up select the ‘Add HTML tag’ option and copy the meta tag.

2. Go to your WordPress dashboard and add it to Rank Math > General settings > Webmasters > Pinterest verification ID field. Save Changes.

3. Then go to The Rich Pin Validator ( ⬅️ click this link to open the validator)

Add any of your website page URLs to the validator on the bottom of the page and click ‘Validate’. 

Add any of your page URLs then click ‘Validate’

You might have to wait up to an hour, but I usually get a validation within 10 minutes. 

That’s it, it really is super easy and no technical abilities needed. 

I hope you found this post helpful to learn how to create Pinterest Rich Pins with Rank Math.

Please let me know in a comment below what you think, we love comments! I’m sure you’ll leave a lovely or constructive comment, but please feel free to read this about nasty comments, if you’re interested why some people leave hate comments and what you can do if that happens to you.

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    1. Thanks Jules, I’m delighted to hear that and I love your blog, it’s perfect for Pinterest. I’m trying to grow some veg too with the kids, fingers crossed we’ll have something to harvest this year 😉

    1. Hi Julie and thanks for your comment.
      No, Rank Math does not share new posts to Pinterest automatically, its purpose is after verifying your account any pins you create will be displayed as Rich Pins. If you’re looking at a plugin to publish your posts to your social media accounts directly, you might like to have a look at Blog to Social plugin. It’s a great plugin for social scheduling and auto-posting of your blog posts, you can compare the different plans here. (Aff link)

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