How to connect WordPress with FTP – step by step

Using an FTP programme is not complicated and you can use it for many task, such as creating a child theme, copy folders, tighten security, or adding a file to your root folder without the need of a plugin.

Very important before you get started to connect WordPress with FTP is, that you have a full backup of your site, just in case.

Jump straight to a step-by-step video tutorial

This video will show you where to find your FTP login details using a Siteground hosting account and how to connect your website with the FTP client FileZilla.

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How to use FTP Filezilla for beginners

After installing FileZilla I would highly recommend to check out the video ‘How to add an ads.txt file to your website‘ which also works for any other text file you would like to add to your root folder.

It will show you how to upload the ads.txt file (or any other text file) to the root folder of your website in less than 2 minutes.

It will also give you a detailed overview of your local and remote site in your FTP client and how to find your root folder.

It will show you 3 different ways on how to upload files to your website and how you can check that you have uploaded the file successfully.

Check it out, it’s a really easy step-by-step tutorial which covers all the basics using FTP!

How to use FTP to access a WordPress website video tutorial

That’s it, I hope you found this post helpful to learn how to connect your WordPress website with an FTP client.

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